Est. 3.1.2012

Successful hairstylist and now Salon Owner, Rachel Leavey started her personal journey in the beauty industry in 2008. After completing her education in Albany, New York, Rachel moved to Burbank, California to attend the prestigious Make-Up Designory. Once acquiring a license in cosmetology, and certifications in beauty makeup & formal hair styling, she decided to settle down in her hometown of Clifton Park, NY.

Rachel built her clientele and serviced hundreds of weddings, putting focus on hairstyling and makeup freelancing. After devoting 4+ years to a salon she realized “Whether you like it or not, the people around you, influence you.” That is when she decided to start Just Glamorous Salon. Since then, she has since made a name in the hair industry for not only herself but her entire team. Refusing to be like every other salon, Rachel has worked to create a team so strong that it would feel more like family than co-workers. In 2012, the Glam-Fam was formed! From stylist to client, she hoped by having a positive, team-oriented, beautiful atmosphere, there was no way people wouldn’t want to come and be a part of the Glam-Fam. Rachel’s attention to detail and ability to make every client feel at home is what makes Just Glamorous stand out from other salons.

“JG is my happy place. I want it to be everyone else’s too.”

Just Glamorous Salon joined the L’ANZA tribe in 2018 and became the only L’ANZA Healing Center in Upstate NY. The entire JG team are loyal to the L’ANZA brand and carry their entire line of luxury Hair Color & Hair Products. Rachel also travels to the fashion capital of the world, NYC to purchase the newest and hottest jewelry and accessories to sell in her boutique.