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Bridal Services

Specializing in the Bridal industry for over a decade, a huge portion of our business is weddings. All Just Glamorous Brides receive a Glam Bag with booking!


DON’T WAIT TO BOOK THEM! Hair and Makeup trials should be scheduled immediately upon booking your wedding. Our team of stylists are booking out 2-3 months in advance. It is important that we can accommodate your hair and makeup trials prior to your wedding day however, without a scheduled appointment we cannot guarantee it.


There are additional charges for on-location services. Venues within a 15 mile radius from the salon are a flat travel rate of $35 per stylist. Outside of the 15 mile radius, fees increase to $75 per stylist and go up from there. The Bride is responsible for all travel fees, tolls and parking fees. Please contact the Salon directly for more information in regards to travel.


Prior to wedding day, you will receive an email with a breakdown of your wedding day balance. We send this in advance so that you may share it with your party. On wedding day, we kindly ask that all money is set aside in an envelope to make for an easy collection upon completion. Gratuities may be passed out separately to the stylists. We only accept cash or check on wedding day. No exceptions. Checks can be made payable to Just Glamorous Salon.


Prior to wedding day, you will receive an email with a breakdown of your wedding day schedule. We design these schedules to be as efficient and accommodating as possible to the Bride. With that said, it is crucial that we stay on schedule and that we have zero down-time in between guests. It is of the utmost importance to us that every person gets completed in the allotted timeframe. If additional services want to be added on, we will do our best to accommodate them if the schedule allows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use Airbrush?

No, we have chosen against airbrush makeup. from our experience, it isn’t designed for everyone. We can provide that same, flawless appearance using foundation with different style applicators.

What do I need to provide?

Nothing! We come fully equipped with all Hair and/or Makeup supplies. Including lashes! If we are coming to your location, we just ask for a working space that provides the most natural light.

What are the lashes you offer?

All makeup applications include strip lashes in the price. It is up to you if you want to try them or not. We highly recommend lashes because they make a huge difference in the overall look and in the photos. Strip lashes are temporary. They cause no damage to your own lashes and will most definitely stay on through the evening.

Can you use my own personal makeup?

Sure. If you prefer we use your makeup we have no problem doing so. However, we can’t guarantee the same long-lasting results without using our own product. Our makeup kits include primers, setting powders, setting sprays and high-end makeup that is designed for excellence and longevity.

When should I wash my Hair?

Prior to any formal down or up-style, your hair should be CLEAN! It is a myth that hair holds better dirty. Clean doesn’t necessarily mean that morning but we want your hair to look fresh and oil-free. 24 hours prior to styling is usually best.

*Hair must be 100% DRY prior to styling*

I have clip-in extensions, will they work?

Clip-in extensions are a great accessory. If you are looking for a fuller or longer down style, they are a great option. In fact, many inspiration photos that incorporate braids always have some type of extensions in. Ask one of our Stylists for more help and information about extensions. Extension add-ons to a style are a $20 surcharge.

Will my Hairstyle last all day?

The most popular question of all! Yes, your hair will look great all day. It will also slightly relax, loosen and it’s natural texture will show through. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing. We always recommend picking a style that suits your hair type. IE; If your hair doesn’t hold curl well, don’t wear it down. We will always evaluate your hair and offer our expertise on a style that will look great and last long. We also use only top-notch styling products and tools to provide the best final product for you.

Do you accept Venmo?

No. Cash or Check Only.

*All prices below are starting at.

There is a $15 surcharge per service for Sunday Weddings and Holiday Weekends.

Special Events

Looking to reserve your home-away-from-home for a special event? Just Glamorous is the perfect place to kick off a Bachelorette party, ladies night or a pre-teens birthday party! Reserve the Salon & your favorite stylists and host the most Glamorous affair of the year!

To have the #GLAMTEAM involved in your special day, Call 518.373.0777 and speak with Rachel.