Instagram post 2118229431603668256_53758620 Longer, thicker, darker looking lashes! No upkeep! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 #LashGoals
Instagram post 2117707796559503322_53758620 This photo only captures so much! This balayage + moneypiece were done to perfection! Obsessed😍😍😍 Stylist: Ilah
Instagram post 2117482730005684012_53758620 For everyone who needed to hear this today! Life is tough but so are you☺️ #bossmindset
Instagram post 2116978716969228827_53758620 Sleek Blonde ✨Goals✨  another full foil on this lady to achieve these overall blonde locks. Stylist: Rachel
Instagram post 2110365559815192037_53758620 Fight frizz & Add shine with @lanzahaircare smoother straightening balm! A favorite at JG👑
Instagram post 2105410763496655909_53758620 Fresh locks for @samantha_breda1217 ✨ looking gorgeous as always! Thanks to her bestie @tricia_caton 💕
Instagram post 2104465340732901448_53758620 Who is excited for FALL HAIR?!? Our #balayage trend isn’t going anywhere, don’t you worry! Try a warmer or deeper version of what you currently have! Stylist: Tricia