• Rachel Leavey

    Owner, Hairstylist & Makeup Artist

    • Years Experience: 15
    • Specializes In: Leading the team and understanding the clients “wants”!
    • Favorite Quote: "It’s suppose to be hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it."
    • You May Be Surprised To Learn: I opened the Salon at 23 years young.
  • Jennifer Diemer

    Lash & Makeup Artist, Brow Specialist & Salon Coordinator

    • Years Experience: 8
    • Specializes In: Natural yet Glamorous Lash Extensions, Eyebrow Shaping & Makeup Artistry.
    • Favorite Quote: "If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough."
  • Tricia Caton

    Hairstylist, Extension Specialist & Makeup Artist

    • Years Experience: 14
    • Specializes In: Blonding services, Bridal styling and all methods of hair extensions.
    • Favorite Quote: “Remember, it is not the box or the bottle that does the work, it is the hands and the mind using the color that is key.” -Rick Wellman
    • You May Be Surprised To Learn: My favorite toys growing up were Cool Tools & Welding Car Kits...and I have a car for my dogs!
  • Cheri Rivette


    • Years Experience: 32
    • Specializes In: Color, fashion colors, short hair and upstyles.
    • Favorite Quote: "Life is to short to be serious all the time. If you can't laugh at yourself, call me, I'll laugh at you."
    • You May Be Surprised To Learn: I am a Lolli to my 5 year old grandson Sawyer!
  • Lisa Grimmick


    • Years Experience: 26
    • Specializes In: Color, Highlighting, Haircuts & free advice.
    • Favorite Quote: "There's nothing a bottle of wine and a flat iron can't fix."
  • Alison Lewis Stathis


    • Years Experience: 31
    • Specializes In: Highlights, cutting & color.
    • Favorite Quote: "A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset."
    • You May Be Surprised To Learn: In my teenage years I started playing the game “Which would you rather?” I am currently the world champion and will take any challengers.
  • Ilah Clancy


    • Years Experience: 16
    • Specializes In: Color, blonding services & formal styling.
    • Favorite Quote: "Anyone can be a dreamer, only the true believers achieve success."
    • You May Be Surprised To Learn: That I've been with my husband since I was 16, more than half of my life!
  • Shelby Jenkins

    Hairstylist & Extension Specialist

    • Years Experience: 5
    • Specializes In: Blonding services.
    • Favorite Quote: "Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is success."
    • You May Be Surprised To Learn: She is the youngest yet most requested when co-workers need their hair done!
  • Shannon Tweedie

    Hairstylist & Extension Specialist

    • Years Experience: 12
    • Specializes In: Smoothing treatments, blowouts & brunettes.
    • Favorite Quote: Great things never come from comfort zones.
    • You May Be Surprised To Learn: I find four leaf clovers without even looking for them.
  • Meghan Rock

    Receptionist & Social Media Coordinator

    • Specializes In: Aspires to be an esthetician who makes people feel beautiful in their own skin.
    • Favorite Quote: "I am not a difficult woman at all, I am simply a strong woman and know my worth."
    • You May Be Surprised To Learn: I have spent thousands on unnecessary things for my cat, Cleo.